Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds What Are Synthetic Diamonds? Synthetic diamonds are produced artificially in a factory or laboratory. Instead of being formed over millions of years in the Earth’s mantle like natural diamonds, scientists are creating synthetic diamonds from rough crystal formed in laboratories. Synthetic diamonds are not the same as imitations or simulants. Imitations like cubic zirconia and moissanites […]


Harold Finkle Your Jeweler specializes in moissanite. We are sure that you have heard all the buzz about moissanite recently. Moissanite’s increasing popularity is largely due to the perception of it as an environmentally sustainable alternative to the diamond, while also being much more affordable (about one-tenth the price). Customers prefer the fact that moissanite […]

Diamond Buying Tips

I hope that you, the consumer, find the next few paragraphs helpful in trying to understand exactly what to look for when shopping for and purchasing a diamond.  When I first started learning about diamonds only a few years ago, I, too, was overwhelmed and confused about what to look for in a diamond.  My […]

About Diamonds

Many people are confused about how diamonds are priced. The best explanation is that asking for the price of a diamond is like asking for the price of a house. A real estate agent can’t quote you a price for a house without knowing its size, condition, location, etc. This process is the same one […]

Jewelry Repair

Harold Finkle Your Jeweler has been the Capital District’s trusted jewelry repair center for over 85 years.  All of our jewelry repairs are done on premises by our master craftsmen.  Harold Finkle works on all karats of gold, platinum, palladium, most silvers, and even some fashion jewelry.  From a simple battery replacement to a complete […]


Harold Finkle Your Jeweler is the Capital District’s exclusive MARS Fine Jewelry retailer. Offering some of the most detailed engagement ring, MARS specializes in custom engagement rings and fine jewelry as unique as your love. Please browse below and visit Your Jeweler to see our lovely showcase of MARS engagement rings. 

Watch Repair and Services

Harold Finkle Your Jeweler specializes in all forms of wrist and pocket watch repair.  From a simple battery replacement or band adjustment while you wait, to a complex overhaul on a fine Swiss watch.  We have hundreds of watch straps and bracelets in house, as well as batteries for all watch brands.  Our watchmaker is […]

Hadley-Roma Albany NY

As the largest supplier of replacement watch attachments, Hadley-Roma is pleased to be called America’s Watch Strap Company. A division of Roma Industries, Hadley-Roma is the fore-runner in the design, manufacture and distribution of watch and fashion accessories for over 100 years. Hadley-Roma prides itself on offering the finest quality and largest selection of products, all made […]

Seiko Albany NY

Founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori, Seiko has been one of the leading watch makers in the world for over 100 years. By 1924 Seiko had produced its first wrist watch, and by 1956, Seiko had produced the first self-winding wrist watch produced in Japan. Seiko was also the first watch company in the world […]

Swiss Army Albany NY

The Victorinox Swiss Army Company was established in 1897 in the small Swiss village of Ibach. Swiss Army watches are built on the outstanding reputation that their knives established over one hundred years ago. Swiss Army watches are made to last. The company has a reputation known for impeccable craftsmanship and durability, as well as […]