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Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds What Are Synthetic Diamonds? Synthetic diamonds are produced artificially in a factory or laboratory. Instead of being formed over millions of years in the Earth’s mantle like natural diamonds, scientists are creating synthetic diamonds from rough crystal formed in laboratories. Synthetic diamonds are not the same as imitations or simulants. Imitations like cubic zirconia and moissanites […]


Harold Finkle Your Jeweler specializes in moissanite. We are sure that you have heard all the buzz about moissanite recently. Moissanite’s increasing popularity is largely due to the perception of it as an environmentally sustainable alternative to the diamond, while also being much more affordable (about one-tenth the price). Customers prefer the fact that moissanite […]

About Diamonds

Many people are confused about how diamonds are priced. The best explanation is that asking for the price of a diamond is like asking for the price of a house. A real estate agent can’t quote you a price for a house without knowing its size, condition, location, etc. This process is the same one […]


Harold Finkle Your Jeweler is the Capital District’s exclusive MARS Fine Jewelry retailer. Offering some of the most detailed engagement ring, MARS specializes in custom engagement rings and fine jewelry as unique as your love. Please browse below and visit Your Jeweler to see our lovely showcase of MARS engagement rings. 

Watch Repair and Services

Harold Finkle Your Jeweler specializes in all forms of wrist and pocket watch repair.  From a simple battery replacement or band adjustment while you wait, to a complex overhaul on a fine Swiss watch.  We have hundreds of watch straps and bracelets in house, as well as batteries for all watch brands.  Our watchmaker is […]

Tissot Albany NY

Harold Finkle Your Jeweler is the Capital Districts exclusive independent Authorized Tissot retailer. It’s the Swissness at the very heart of Tissot that makes the brand such a distinguished one. The “plus” in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag, and symbolizes the quality and the reliability that the company’s watchmakers have […]


For over 50 years, Benchmark wedding bands have been the benchmark in the wedding band industry. Started in Turkey during the late 1960’s by H. Tosyali and his wife Mrs. T, Benchmark moved to the United States in 1972. Benchmark has paved the way for many fabulous designs and ideas over the years, including being […]