Looking to sell a diamond? Stop in to Harold Finkle Your Jeweler, and speak with one of our diamond buyers.  Harold Finkle looks at all shapes and sizes, non-certified and certified.  Our prices are based on the current diamond market, and there is no charge for a quote.

Harold Finkle Your Jeweler has been buying gold and diamonds for over 80 years and three generations.  With the gold market recently reaching an all time high, gold buying companies, parties, and businesses are popping up everywhere.  You need to take your gold to someone you can trust, someone with a reputation second to none.  Don’t take your gold to a second hand shop, party, or dealer.  These businesses rely solely on the profit margin between the price they buy it for and the price they sell to a refiner.  Harold Finkle Your Jeweler is a full service jewelry store, watch and jewelry repair, offering the highest prices for all of your gold.  Because Harold Finkle isn’t relying on the same margins to maintain their business they can offer you extra money the others cannot.  All our offers are free of charge and based on up-to-the-minute gold market prices.  When shopping your gold in the capital region, stop in to Harold Finkle Your Jeweler for the highest prices paid on all karats of gold and platinum.

Harold Finkle does not buy coins, costume jewelry or silver.