Appraisals by Harold Finkle Your Jeweler

A jewelry appraisal is a service performed by a professional who examines a piece of jewelry to determine an estimate of its worth. To determine an appraised price, we consider the materials used, the style of jewelry and the market for that piece of jewelry.  Performing an appraisal is not a simple task and requires time.  Our appraisal services are completed by our Graduate Gemologists, who have obtained degrees from the highest and most reputable gemological institutions.

We offer two types of appraisals: Insurance & Estate. Insurance Appraisals provide an approximate retail value for your item, or what it would cost you to purchase/replace the item in a retail setting. Estate Appraisals are often called “cash value” appraisals, as they reflect the approximate cash value of an item belonging to an estate.

An appraisal is also beneficial to confirm value of an item, provide record of ownership for an inherited piece, or to serve as identification for your valued pieces.

It is recommended to have your items appraised every 2-5 years, as the market changes frequently. Our appraisal policy allows you to enjoy a reduced rate on an updated appraisal after having your initial appraisal performed here!

If you have any questions on our appraisal services, please call us at (518) 456-6800.