Buying a Diamond at Finkle Jewelers versus Online

Brick and Mortar

There’s no question! The internet has changed the game for retailers all across the board, including the jewelry industry. So why not buy a loose diamond from one of the big internet sites, Bluenile ™, etc? Don’t they own their inventory? Aren’t their prices cheaper? The answers are “no” and “absolutely not!”

To make it as simple as possible, these sites don’t own their inventory. They are memo store fronts (iFrames) for diamond cutters across the country, which means when you place your online order, they contact whichever cutter owns the stone and has it sent to them so they can package it and send it to you. Even though they like to tout their sites as if they’re eliminating the middleman, essentially they are the middleman. There’s no question their prices are competitive. However, most of these retailers are so large that they have several stores, multiple employees, and such high overhead, that they can’t afford to compete with these sites.

Fortunately for you, Harold Finkle Your Jeweler is not one of those stores. You have to be able to adapt over time, and that’s exactly what we have done. Harold Finkle has been a family business for over 85 years, and is in its third generation! We have relationships with the same diamond cutters listing their stones on the big websites, and our prices are as low if not lower. This isn’t just a sales pitch, this is an attempt to help you find the perfect diamond for you without breaking the bank.

Use our online diamond search right now; pick a specific shape, size, color, clarity, and certification. Narrow your selection down to one or two stones, and then do the same search on one of the big internet sites. You’ll see the truth for yourself! We offer the same diamonds at a lower price.

Better yet, we can bring any stones in for you to look at for yourself, no purchase commitment or payment of any kind is required! That way, you know for sure that you and/or your loved one will love the stone you chose before you purchase and realize it isn’t quite what you had expected to receive. Try doing that without first making the purchase on one of the big internet sites!

There are so many factors when considering a diamond: shape, color, clarity, cut grade, fluorescence – we could go on and on. Buying a diamond can, understandably, become overwhelming for customers. That’s why we have GIA Graduate Gemologists in-house. Why is this important? Because the big online sites don’t offer their own personal graduate gemologist to help with your purchase or help break down the different aspects for you to determine the best course of action for you as an individual. At Harold Finkle you can sit down with our Gemologist and talk specifics, allowing them to help guide you through the diamond buying process and make recommendations that fit your needs and expectations. Having the lowest diamond price is helpful, but education and visual confirmation is the key to making the right choice.