Thank you for visiting Harold Finkle Your Jeweler’s Online Loose Diamond Search. Below you will find thousands of loose diamonds that Harold Finkle Your Jeweler can access for you. Your Jeweler offers the lowest prices on certified and non-certified loose diamonds. Before you begin your search for the perfect diamond, please read our Diamond Buying Tips Guide to learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds to help you have a better understanding of diamonds. Use our online diamond search right now; pick a specific shape, size, color, clarity, and certification. Narrow your selection down to one or two stones, and then do the same search on one of the big internet sites. You’ll see the truth for yourself! We offer the same diamonds at a lower price. If you would like to see a diamond in person, any of our stones on our website can be viewed in house as long as you give us a call before hand and allow us the proper time to set up a viewing. Please feel free to call or email Your Jeweler with any inquires about these diamonds.
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